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· Power consumption: 3,500 Watt
· Flow: 18 litres per second (65 m³/h)
· Integrated suction
· Swivel nozzle with fully adjustable flow
· Adjustable air bubble bath
· On/Off pneumatic air switch
· Voltage: 230/400 Volt
· Salt water resistant up to 3 %

Ürün Detayları

Small beginnings, big effects. Is there a countercurrent system which makes big waves for a small investment? Yes, and it’s called JetStream JUNO.

In terms of performance, JUNO is a match for BAMBO, COCO and MIRO. Up to 18 litres per second can be forced through its swivel nozzle. Or just as much as you are comfortable with – because the force of the flow can be fully regulated by just turning the knob, for example, if you want a relaxing pressure point massage using the massage hose and the back jet. The flow of oxygen for a tingling air bubble bath can also be fully regulated.

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