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· Power consumption: 3,500 Watt
· Flow: 18 litres per second (65 m³/h)
· Integrated suction
· 1 swivel nozzle with fully adjustable flow
· Fully adjustable air bubble bath
· On/Off pneumatic air switch
· Voltage: 230/400 Volt
· Salt water resistant up to 3 %

Ürün Detayları

This counter-current system was inspired by the mussel, and even its appearance makes waves. Up to 18 litres per second can be pumped through its fully adjustable swivel nozzle. To activate this robust power package, just press the pneumatic switch.

We believe COCO is far too beautiful to be kept out of sight beneath the surface of the water. So we've helped by producing the COCO LUX version, which comes with an integral 50 Watt light source, ready to light up your night in style, too.

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